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I understand that Sonic Breathwork and other activities offered by Beats & Breath are designed to enhance quality of life and support holistic (physical, mental and emotional) wellbeing, and are not intended to constitute medical advice or any substitution for medical care or therapy. I understand that they are not intended to be relied upon for diagnosis or treatment in relation to any health problem, and services of Beats & Breath do not replace the care of licensed professionals. If you are pregnant or have a history of heart/cardiovascular disease, it's recommended you contact your doctor before engaging in such activities. 

Would you like to add 5 additional Sonic Breathwork journeys to your purchase? 

SoulRise is a compilation of five (33- minute) elemental Sonic Breathwork journeys designed to clear your mind, strengthen your spiritual connection and create new pathways for transformation, healing and growth ($44)

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Prime My Life

Experience a premium morning and evening routine to help you create the best day ever! 

In Prime My Life, we draw from various disciplines of psychology, physiology, somatic therapy, trauma-informed practices, Breathwork, mystical traditions and much more to create an easy-to-follow, neuroscience-based daily practice to elevate your wellbeing on all levels. 

We've created this revolutionary, all-in-one system that combines our signature Sonic Breathwork™ and Priming Techniques to guide you into highly euphoric and coherent states of being.

What you'll receive when you sign up:

  • Morning Breathwork + Priming Activation - A motivating and feel-good Sonic Breathwork Journey and Priming Activation, guided by Christopher August & Jacob Deva, to use at the start of the day for more energy, clarity, inspiration, and loving awareness ($77)
  • Evening Breathwork and Meditation Journey - A deeply rejuvenating Sonic Breathwork Journey + Meditation guided by Christopher August & Carina Devi. to use at the end of the day to help you prepare for a restful sleep. ($47)
  • On-Demand Breathwork Videos - A video series dedicated to teaching you the most effective, therapeutic breathing practices you can use throughout your day to combat stress, tension, and worry. ($147)
  • Reflection Workbook - Easy to follow journal prompts to schedule all your get-to-do’s, record your thoughts, feelings, and insights, and manifest your vision of the future. ($27)
  • Private Members Area - Gain lifetime access to all downloadable videos, workbooks and audios from your desktop or mobile device. ($97)


  • Ether Elemental Breathwork Journey - A 33-minute guided Sonic Breathwork Journey off our signature digital album SoulRise
  • Wim Hof Style Breathwork Activation ($11) - A three round, 12-minute guided breathwork activation based off the popular Wim Hof Method  




What People Are Saying:

Thank you for creating this! I would absolutely recommend to anyone looking to explore and connect with their mind, body, soul on a deeper level.


Christopher August delivers smooth and uplifting breath journeys that will take you to the depths of your soul. This program will awaken your senses, move you to self-discovery and guide you to receive the joy filled messages from the “divine”. A truly nourishing experience!


Breathing so deeply that long was a new experience for me. The different tempo released so different feelings and memories. To summarize it up: I feel much more alive and aware, more able to make things happen. Thanks so much for this incredible journey!