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I understand that Sonic Breathwork and other activities offered by Beats & Breath are designed to enhance quality of life and support holistic (physical, mental and emotional) wellbeing, and are not intended to constitute medical advice or any substitution for medical care or therapy. I understand that they are not intended to be relied upon for diagnosis or treatment in relation to any health problem, and services of Beats & Breath do not replace the care of licensed professionals. If you are pregnant or have a history of heart/cardiovascular disease, it's recommended you contact your doctor before engaging in such activities. 

Prime My Life is the ultimate morning and evening routine to level-up your day. We combine Sonic Breathwork™ with our signature priming practices to elevate your mindset and wellbeing. 

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SoulRise: Elemental Sonic Breathwork Experience

SoulRise is a digital compilation of five elemental (33-minute) Sonic Breathwork™ journeys (air, fire, water, earth and ether), a guided energetic protection meditation and an immersive sound healing track that are specifically designed to help you to clear your mind, strengthen your spiritual connection and activate your higher power, creating new pathways for transformation and healing.

What you'll receive when you sign up:

  • 5 (33-Minute) Elemental Sonic Breathwork Journeys ($147)
  • 1 Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Meditation ($47)
  • 1 Energetic Shielding Meditation ($27)
  • Reflection Workbook ($22)




What People Are Saying:

The tracks SoulRise has created are one of the most unique and the one I currently resonate with. From reducing stress to improving mental clarity, breathwork has improved it all. I believe this is the first step in becoming the light in a world full of darkness.


Wow! The medicine I received from these breathwork journeys was beyond anything I could have Imagined! My whole body felt tingly and alive. It’s an amazing experience. Thank you both!


SoulRise is a spiritual art. The music and sounds have a way of cracking you open. This has awakened my primal energies, the wild woman archetype and left me feeling powerful af.